Restore Vitality & Supercharge Your Fitness!

Our 20 minute workouts combine expert Personal training with FDA approved Whole Body EMS technology. Our “Active Recovery” reduces soreness, firms and tones.
WB20 is perfect if you want the benefits of strength training but don’t have 3 hours to exercise. You will achieve measurable results in 20 minutes 2x per week.

What Is WB EMS?

It’s a 20 minute total body workout!

WB-EMS (Whole Body Electric Muscle Stimulation) increases strength & improves metabolism by working 95% of your muscles for 20 minutes during each session. It usually takes over 90 minutes of traditional strength training to achieve that. It’s time saving & effective. You can feel results in 4 weeks and see results in 8 weeks.

The Whole Body 20 process-

  1. A consultation & 3D body scan
  2. Individual training program
  3. WB20 EMS training accelerates results
  4. Another Body scan after 8 weeks 
  5. Measure, adjust and refine

Our program + Your hard work = Transformation

It’s not magic, it’s science!

Measurable Results

Expert Personal Training + FDA approved EMS Technology. 20 mins 2x week!

During a Whole Body EMS training session you accelerate your metabolism and burn more fat compared to traditional training. It delivers the equivalent of a 90 minute training session in only 20 minutes.

One study at Germany’s University of Bayreuth found that Whole Body EMS workouts twice a week for six weeks saw strength increase by 12.2% and muscular endurance improve by 69% with women getting better results than men.  Women lost on average 1.1cm off their thighs, 1.4cm off the waist and 1.1cm from their hips without calorie restriction.

The WB20 program is perfect if you don’t have 3 hours a week to exercise but are willing to work hard and commit 20 mins 2x per week to achieve reasonable & actionable goals. We will teach you foundational movements and improve your functional fitness while burning more calories than traditional training. Get more time to do what you love while investing in your physical wellbeing with WB20.

How It Works