WB20 Workout = 90 Mins in the Gym

Measure calories burned and heart rate, tone muscle, and increase strength in 20 minutes.
20 mins 2x per week = More time to do the things you love!

By simultaneously activating the agonists and antagonists as well as the hard-to-reach stabilizer muscles, a true whole body training can take place in only 20 minutes using EMS.

Muscles can be trained more intensively and the simultaneous training of all major muscle groups means that muscular imbalances can be corrected and training can also be tailored to develop specific muscles.

Want to know what to expect? ?Check out the video.

WB20 Workout

With WB20 EMS You:

  • Burn More Calories Per Minute Vs. Conventional Exercise
  • Develop Individual And Multiple Muscle Groups Simultaneously
  • Increase Strength
  • Relieve Knee, Hip And Back Pain
  • Fight Depression
  • Develop Core Strength
  • Improve Stability And Mobility
  • Restore Functional Fitness
  • Improve Confidence And Self Esteem