Active Recovery with WB20 EMS

Are you suffering from chronic soreness and/or fatigue? We can help you here at WB20! We have training programs that focus on reducing soreness, relaxing muscles, and eliminating feelings of tension. With the help of our trainer and the suit, we can effectively increase the blood flow to the muscles to speed up the healing process. 

The “Low-Frequency Active Recovery” program is used to reduce soreness, relax muscles, and gather feedback on the quality of the training. The positive feelings and physical effects of training will be increased with this program as it minimizes discomfort.

For tension and pain, we recommend the “High-Frequency Active Recovery Program,” which has a similar effect as painkillers. This is because of the “Gate Control Theory” that suggests that the spinal cord contains a neurological “gate” that can hinder pain signals from reaching the brain. The program is excellent for reducing/alleviating body aches, including back pain. Our High-Frequency program can take anywhere from 3-20 minutes depending on the specific need of our clients. 

The High-Frequency Active Recovery Program pairs well with a gentle stretching program as it helps improve muscle tone and flexibility. We also offer individualized targeted stretching that focuses on each client/athlete’s needs.