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20 mins 2x per week makes WB EMS personal training the most efficient workout you can get.  Activating 95% of muscle sculpts and tones while burning calories.  You are also able to engage and develop underactive muscles.  Muscle imbalance is addressed, mobility is improved and clients with injury history are able to work out.   

Whole Body Electric Muscle Stimulation training contracts 95% of muscle mass and develops motor nerve connections related to muscle movement. Since muscle fibers are activated in an irregular sequence with WB EMS training, an intensified training level is obtained from the very first session, stimulating more muscle fiber at an accelerated pace when compared to traditional training.  Sign up for your free training session!


Efficient Personal Training that Burns Fat, Develops Strength & Saves Time

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Personal training with WB20 is tailored to all fitness levels.

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WB20 WBEMS is an elegant, powered whole body system of fitness training designed to improve strength and fitness by building muscle and burning fat in 20 minute sessions - An efficient way to your best body. 

WB20 WBEMS is a BE FIT Technologies Company

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