EMS Training should only be conducted by certified Whole Body Electric Muscle Stimulation fitness trainers.

Your EMS training session will go as follows-  

Suit up– put on our FDA approved EMS suit

Warmup– go through a 5 minute warm up 

Train– perform a 15 min. workout customized to your goals

Active Recovery– 5 minute active recovery session to relax

The trainer modulates the impulses and tailors the workout to each clients specific goal.  Constant communication between trainer and client occurs during each session, just as in a traditional personal training session.  We also monitor training zones and provide data driven results using wearable technology.

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WB20 WBEMS is an elegant, powered whole body system of fitness training designed to improve strength and fitness by building muscle and burning fat in 20 minute sessions - An efficient way to your best body. 

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