Mobile Training in 20 mins 2x week

Mobile WB EMS (Whole Body Electric Muscle Stimulation) brings strength, HIIT and resistance training to you. Time is no longer an excuse!! Our licensed and insured expert trainers will get you fit in the comfort of your home. We design a program that gives you the best 20 minute workout in existence by combining expert Personal Training with FDA approved Whole Body EMS technology. Our “Active Recovery” after your workout reduces soreness, releases endorphins & aids lymphatic drainage.

Experience all the benefits of our customized Whole Body EMS workouts from the comfort of your own home.

Measurable results

We develop a fitness program using Whole Body EMS technology to enhance results. We teach you proper form and provide nutrition advice. Our trainers bring the WB20 EMS training program to the comfort of your home. Ask about our 3d Body Scan.


Avoid traffic. Your time investment is literally 35 minutes, which yields the results of 90 minutes in the gym. We write the exercise program and even provide nutrition counseling.


Avoid injury. WB20 keeps your joints safer because we don’t use heavy weights. We also address often painful muscle imbalances and greatly improve your functional fitness!


Avoid hassle. We make a real exercise program fun and simple. Schedule your sessions in advance and put your fitness on autopilot.

Highly -effective

We give you the best 20 minute workout in existence by combining expert HIIT, Bodyweight & Core training with FDA approved Whole Body EMS technology.

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Benefits of Mobile Training

Benefits of Mobile Training

  • Save time & get fit at home!
  • Replace fat with muscle
  • Safer on joints, no heavy weights
  • Customized workouts
  • Train with your partner
  • Greater consistency = Better results
  • Incorporate fitness into your Health & Wellness lifestyle