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4 Weeks of WB20 EMS Training put 30 yards on my drive!

I Just Completed 4 Weeks with an EMS Personal Trainer

I completed 4 Weeks with a WB20 EMS Personal Trainer.

Getting a full workout in 20 minutes that’s equivalent to a 90+ minute workout works for me in many ways.

Having such a diverse lifestyle and constantly on the move, committing to the gym for strength training and fitting in some cardio along the way has always been a challenge. Twenty minutes and only twice a week absolutely worked for me.

Honestly, I knew nothing about Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) prior to this training. Everything I heard made sense as it was explained to me. To be honest, all I kept hearing was a full body workout in 20 minutes that’s equivalent to a 90+ minute workout and to reap the benefits took only a commitment of twice a week. This was a no brainer.

Results Matter

Prior to engaging working out in the EMS suit, I had not worked out consistently in years aside from developing my golf swing. After only four sessions (keep in mind, they are only 20 minutes each) I’ve noticed significant change in these three following areas:

  • Increased Flexibility/Mobility – I found myself having the ability to bend, squat and rotate my body with increased flexibility while doing normal activities throughout the day. I never knew that I was challenged just doing normal activities until working out with EMS.

  • Increased Balance – Who knew the importance of muscle strength when it came to balance? I guess I would if I took time to think about it. Muscle stabilization has been significant as it plays out in my day to day life as well as when it comes to play golf.

  • Increased Strength – Did I mention golf? I had my EMS coach speak with my golf coach so that my personal training will match up with the developments that I needed to develop a better golf game. Put it this way, I added 30+ yards to a couple of my golf clubs. Now if only I can keep them straight!

Get to know EMS

At the time of writing this I am entering my 5th week of EMS training and I’m very impressed with the results. I recently opted to add assisted stretching to maximize the benefits of my increased strength by encouraging increased flexibility. I’m honestly feeling much stronger with an increased motivation to be more active and to work out on days that I’m not wearing the EMS suit.

I’ve learned a lot by being hands on with the EMS suit to a point where I can see multiple benefits for a wide range of goals that people of all ages may have. I encourage anyone reading this that have questions to give WB20 a call and ask away.