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There's an abundance of scientific research highlighting the benefits of training with Whole Body Electric Muscle Stimulation (WBEMS). 

Long story, short: EMS has been widely used outside the U.S. for many years, this new to the US fitness technology is efficient and intense yet safe. WB20 EMS amplifies exercise impact by using electrical signals to contract 95% of your muscles. Instead of working each muscle group separately you can work your entire body at once.  Burn fat and get stronger in 20 minutes twice a week with WB20 EMS!

  • Whole-Body Electromyostimulation (WBEMS) Fights Osteopenia in Elderly Females

  • WBEMS and Abdominal Body Fat in Older Female Adults

  • WBEMS and

    Energy Expenditure

  • Strength Training Vs. Strength Training with WBEMS

  • Technology to Improve Health and Performance

  • WBEMS and

    Hockey Players 

  • WBEMS and

    Volleyball Players

  • WBEMS and Elite

    Rugby Players

  • WBEMS and Elite

    Soccer Players

  • WBEMS and Elite

    Basketball Players

  • WBEMS and Soccer

    Players 2019 

WB20 WBEMS is an elegant, powered whole body system of fitness training designed to improve strength and fitness by building muscle and burning fat in 20 minute sessions - 

An efficient way to your best body. 

WB20 WBEMS is a BE FIT Technologies Company

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