WB20 creates an accessible and inclusive environment for our clients that nurtures their health and wellbeing by delivering innovative, efficient and effective fitness solutions through skilled, supportive trainers and coaches.

Daphne Mustafa is co-founder of BE FIT Technologies, a company formed to bring technology and fitness together to produce services and products that help shift the focus from treating disease to promoting wellness. The company’s first offering is a new to the US fitness technology called Whole Body Electrical Muscle Stimulation (WB EMS). She is very excited to deliver WB EMS powered personal training by certified fitness trainers in her new private fitness studio WB20 in Ashburn Virginia.

Daphne has a degree in Health Administration. As a health information management professional, Daphne spent many years working with hospital systems from discovery to go live on projects of transition; from paper to digital medical record keeping. Prior to her career in healthcare, Daphne was a technical sales executive for Sprint. In that role she partnered with large companies to ensure the best data network solutions were in place to ensure the success of her clients.

She feels fortunate to now be in business with her family, who all share a passion for fitness. Her husband Bernard is co-founder of BE FIT Technologies and her grown children have various talents that contribute to the venture; from master trainer to sports psych. This collaboration gives her an opportunity to work closely with her family on a different level. She is excited to work with them on achieving business goals, getting to know her Loudoun family better, making a positive impact on her community. She also sees the new business as a way to mentor new to the industry fitness trainers by offering a new niche technology and fostering their entrepreneurial spirits.

Bernard has been a gym rat his entire life. Due to a rotator cuff injury and operation, he loss strength in right shoulder. He was introduced to Whole Body Electro Muscle Stimulation (WB EMS) with the promise of strengthening his shoulder without undue pressure on his rotator cuff. It worked! Bernard was able to strengthen his shoulder and can now do pushups without shoulder pain. Bernard recently became a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer.

For 17 years prior to BE FIT, Bernard was the CEO of PVBS. February 2018, Bernard and his partners sold PVBS to XTIVIA Technologies and March 2020 he retired from XTIVIA. Prior to joining PVBS, Bernard was President of Copia Enterprises which provided financial and technology consulting services to federal government agencies and commercial clients. Before that, he was the COO at Standard Technology Inc., Director at the American Express Tax & Business Service. Bernard also was the Director of the Chemistry Division and Finance and Administration for Corning Hazleton.

He believes in public service. Bernard is Chairman of the Board at the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia and honorary trustee of the Loudoun Education Foundation. In 2015, Mr. Mustafa was appointed by Governor Terry McAuliffe to the Board of the Center for Innovative Technology and is retired as the Chairman of the Board. He is also Chairman of Loudoun County Economic Development Authority Board.

Additionally, he has served in numerous local and national organizations including Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, NAACP, National Black MBA Association, National Association of Black Accountants, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Institute of Management Accountants and Greater Washington Society of CPA’s.

Bernard received his B.S. degree in Accounting from the University of Baltimore and an MBA from Morgan State University. He is a Retired Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the state of Maryland and Commonwealth of Virginia. He is also a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA). Mr. Mustafa served in the United States Army and is a Vietnam War Veteran.

Born in Silver Spring Maryland, Bernard grew up loving adventure, animals, and riding BMX. As an adult Bernard quickly discovered that when jumping out of planes, motorcycling, deep sea fishing, and adventure sports are passions, injuries are par for the course.

In 2014 while giving up smoking Bernard fell in love with health and wellness. Adopting a healthy lifestyle changed his life. He learned as much as he could about exercise and nutrition and acquired fitness certifications from NFPT, NASM as well as multiple EMS certifications. The idea of helping people transform their lives for the better appealed to him.

In 2019, after returning to the D.C. Metro area Bernard discovered Whole Body Electric Muscle Stimulation training. The value of a 20-minute workout that does not place a lot of stress on joints and soft tissue yet delivers a very intense muscular contraction was ideal for the fast-paced busy world we live in. His vision is to create a wholistic fitness solution that integrates technologies like wearables, artificial intelligence, hormone testing and movement science to give people a data driven health and wellness journey. The idea of penetrating the US market with a new innovative FDA approved technology that is widely accepted abroad appealed to his analytical mind and fit into his vision.

As an enhancer by nature, Bernard got into personal training because he loves helping facilitate healthy change in others. He now teaches and certifies other trainers, has trained multiple success stories, and is thrilled to continue enriching lives.

Paula has always been passionate about sports, however she fell in love with fitness and wellness in college, where she was introduced to proper weightlifting, nutrition and meal prep.

Being a world traveler, Paula has experienced different cultures and found innovative ways to boost her performance as a professional basketball player. With having to prioritize her nutrition, she became vegan and turned it into a passion. After dedicating her life to fitness and wellness, not only she lost over 20 pounds but gained confidence in many pillars in her life. Paula is determined to help people and their journeys, therefore she recently became a personal trainer and nutrition coach. Paula was first introduced to EMS in Poland, and when she heard about WB20 she felt like it would be a great opportunity.

“I’ve never been the biggest fan of implementing machines or devices in my workouts, until I tried EMS. After applying EMS to my workout routine I started to see many changes within my body. My strength, mobility, balance and body fat percentage have improved and I couldn’t be more happy about it. I can’t wait to show you that you can also achieve your goals, by making EMS workouts a part of your lifestyle.”

Jerome moved to Northern Virginia in 2002 with his aunt and uncle. Growing up he loved being outside and playing games with his older brothers. He played football for AYFL until he went to highschool. Freshman year of highschool Jerome wanted to try a new sport and got into track and field. Sophomore year of highschool he had to have knee surgery for an osteochondral defect. He competed that season and for the last two years of highschool.

After high school Jerome attended Old Dominion University and attended their ROTC program. Due to personal issues he had to leave ODU his first year. Prior to that he really found his passion in martial arts. Jerome took classes in a few different martial arts before being offered a job at a taekwondo studio in 2015. During this time Jerome got to work with people of all different backgrounds. In 2020 the studio he was working in closed due to Covid.

Jerome took this opportunity to join his family’s newly founded business. Whole body EMS was completely new to him. After training with the whole body ems he saw that he could grow muscle around his knee without putting a lot of strain on the joint. Excited to help people with similar issues to his own, he got an EMS certification. Jerome received his personal training certification from ISSA.

Sharon has always been aware of her physical health while dancing throughout adolescence however, she hit an unhealthy point while in college. Sharon started adding hours in the gym with no real idea of what to do. It started as a way to lose extra pounds but slowly lead to a passion for overall health, fitness, and lifestyle. After years of being a slave to the cardio machine and eating the same so-called “healthy” food, she took the jump in hiring a coach to give her an outside eye and motivation. This brought to light the love of education and helping others that are struggling to take the next step in their health.

Throughout the tough times of 2020, Sharon decided to become a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and a Nutrition Coach in progress. After going through the stages of figuring things out on her own and getting through the tough trial and errors, Sharon is ready to be there for her clients for their overall physical and mental journey. Shortly after getting her certification, she came across WB20 EMS and wanted to be a part of this new innovative equipment rising in the country. Ever since Sharon experienced her first WB20 EMS workout, she knew it would bring so much opportunity to individuals of all different experiences from rehabilitative, sedentary, fit, and athletic. Sharon is excited to help teach and share the limitless possibilities of WB20 EMS as well as the broad approach to reach your goals.