Train Muscles to Burn More Fat 

EMS is a workout that's ultra low impact yet incredibly effective at stimulating muscle and developing functional strength.

Muscles burn calories 

Activating over 350 muscles simultaneously makes your body a fat melting machine.  


When combined with bodyweight exercise EMS creates up to 40% more force.  Over time your muscle cells become super-efficient at breaking down fat and using it as fuel.  


Our WB20 EMS training  

  • Can slim and tone  

  • Mimics working out with weights  

  • Preserves or increases muscle  

  • Is low stress on joints and soft tissue 

  • Creates a lean fat burning body


Being fit improves quality of life   

  • Stronger heart and lungs 

  • Lean, toned body 

  • Add yards to your drive 

  • Release endorphins  

  • Perform on and off the court 

  • Horse around with the kids  


​It is important to note, WB EMS training contracts 95% of muscle mass without lifting heavy weight.   


Whole Body Electric Muscle Stimulation works more muscle in less time and with low weight.  It’s a workout that is ultra-low impact yet incredibly effective at stimulating muscle and developing functional strength. 


We tailor training to your individual goals. All sessions conclude with an active recovery session. 

Whole Body EMS:

Increases Metabolism

Improve Self-Confidence And Self Esteem

Increases Power & Strength

Train Hard To Engage Muscles

Creates Symmetry

Increases Joint Stability

Improves Functional Fitness

Targets Multiple Muscle Groups Simultaneously

Facilitates Performance Plateau Breakthroughs