Train Muscles to Burn More Fat 

EMS is a workout that's ultra low impact yet incredibly effective at stimulating muscle and developing functional strength.

Muscles burn calories 

Activating over 350 muscles simultaneously makes your body a fat melting machine.  


When combined with bodyweight exercise EMS creates up to 40% more force.  Over time your muscle cells become super-efficient at breaking down fat and using it as fuel.  


Our WB20 EMS training  

  • Can slim and tone  

  • Mimics working out with weights  

  • Preserves or increases muscle  

  • Is low stress on joints and soft tissue 

  • Creates a lean fat burning body


Being fit improves quality of life   

  • Stronger heart and lungs 

  • Lean, toned body 

  • Add yards to your drive 

  • Release endorphins  

  • Perform on and off the court 

  • Horse around with the kids  


​It is important to note, WB EMS training contracts 95% of muscle mass without lifting heavy weight.   


Whole Body Electric Muscle Stimulation works more muscle in less time and with low weight.  It’s a workout that is ultra-low impact yet incredibly effective at stimulating muscle and developing functional strength. 


We tailor training to your individual goals. All sessions conclude with an active recovery session. 

Whole Body EMS:

Increases Metabolism

Improve Self-Confidence And Self Esteem

Increases Power & Strength

Train Hard To Engage Muscles

Creates Symmetry

Increases Joint Stability

Improves Functional Fitness

Targets Multiple Muscle Groups Simultaneously

Facilitates Performance Plateau Breakthroughs


WB20 WBEMS is an elegant, powered whole body system of fitness training designed to improve strength and fitness by building muscle and burning fat in 20 minute sessions - 

An efficient way to your best body. 

WB20 WBEMS is a BE FIT Technologies Company

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