Your Best Body 

Tone & sculpt problem areas. Work 95% of your muscles simultaneously to burn fat and get lean in only 20 mins 2x per week!

Whole Body Electric Muscle Stimulation burns calories during but more importantly long after exercise.  The most prominent effect of WB-EMS is the significant impact on body composition. 

WB20 EMS training-  

  • Mimics working out with weights  

  • Preserves or increases muscle  

  • Joint and soft tissue friendly 

  • Creates a fat burning metabolism 


Advantages of EMS body toning 

  • Flood of endorphins  

  • Reduces cellulite 

  • Increases muscle mass  

  • Tightens and smooths skin    

  • Support hormone balance  

  • Increases energy 


WB20 EMS training will help you look lean and get fit without lifting heavy weight!  

We develop a specific program with you to achieve your goals.   


Your training will be tailored to your individual goals and conclude with an active recovery session. 

20 Minutes Twice A Week Will:

Burn More Calories Per Minute Vs. Conventional Exercise

Develop Individual And Multiple Muscle Groups Simultaneously

Develop Core Strength

Improve Stability And Mobility

Create Functional Fitness

Improve Self-Confidence And Self Esteem

Increase Power

Fight Depression

Look And Feel Your Best