Improve Athletic Ability & Performance

Elite Athletes and Weekend Warriors Benefit from WB20 EMS Personal Training.

Whole Body EMS is an excellent complement to existing training because with EMS a trainer can target specific muscle fibers (Type 1, Type 2a or Type 2b) and energy pathways. From a training perspective this means we can enhance athletic ability with a higher degree of efficiency.

When paired with conventional training EMS has been shown to-

  • Increase squat strength
  • Improve sprinting performance
  • Considerably improve VO2max
  • Improve Speed, Agility & Quickness (SAQ)
  • Reduce soreness and fatigue (using active recovery)

EMS Conditions muscles without as much stress on soft tissue, bones and joints.

Paired with existing training, EMS-

  • Lowers the potential for injury
  • Allows training to progress after fatigue
  • Can facilitate breaking through plateaus
  • Increases energy expenditure during & after a session
  • Can increase basal metabolism (fat burning)
  • Improves endurance and stamina

A recent study of trained athletes found that 10 sessions of EMS ?improved their sprinting performance.

A 2012 review of 89 trials in healthy young adults found that EMS training at three to six weeks led to significant? strength and speed gains noting that trained and elite athletes were able to see just as impressive improvement in their performance as less-trained subjects even though they were already performing at a peak level.

Recent research looking at the effect of EMS on?squat performance supports the claim that EMS can increase strength, especially when used in tandem with traditional training methods.

A functionalized WB-EMS training program for periods of 6 weeks produces a considerable improvement in VO2max, Ventilation Threshold 2, running economy and lower train strength in recreational runners.

We have relationships with nutritionists and performance specialists that will help you level up your fitness by making sure you’re fueling your body in a way that supports your specific goals.

Train with a certified WB20 EMS trainer using our FDA approved device. Your training will cycle through stability, strength, and core work then conclude with a relaxation period.



  • Increases Stability
  • Develops Core Strength
  • Can Be Used In SAQ Drills
  • Develops Hard To Engage Muscles
  • Identifies Muscle Imbalances
  • Increases Flexibility
  • Facilitates Performance Plateau Breakthroughs
  • Increase Stability
  • Increase Balance